Thursday, 10 September 2015

X-wing doubles AAR

Its been along time between post so with having played a game of X-wing a few weeks ago I decided to sit down and and write up a report of the days action. My brother Brent has now started a blog as well you can find it here it is mainly X-wing based at the moment but he is adding to it all the time.

This was the third doubles game I had played last time I was allied with my brother Brent and the time before with my youngest brother Shane. So this time I was allied with my good friend Michael. Shane was unable to play this time so Brent had his best friend Matt teaming up with him.
Michael and I decided to run Imperial while Brent and Matt ran with Scum and villainy. We had decided on 125pts per player so 250pts per side.

Our Imperial forces the 2 Shuttles, Fire spray and Tie bomber are mine the two Tie defenders, Punisher, Tie fighter are Michael's

The scum forces consisted of Boba fett, Bossk, IG-88 and 2 Kihraxz fighters and 3 Z-95 head hunters.

First round of combat my shuttle with Mara Jade on board takes a few hits.

Brent and Matt concentrate firepower on the same shuttle. While Mike and myself start to focus fire on Boba fett

Stay on target !!!

My shuttle and the Tie punisher go down while in return we take out one of the Kihraxz fighters.

Both sides loose a few more ships but the battle is starting to sway the way of the scum and villainy forces.

My shuttle the tie defender and tie fighter all go for the hounds tooth. While the two fire sprays go at it.

My Shuttle and fire spray go down leaving Michael with just his 2 remaining ships. All looks lost now

The Tie defender gets swamped by the mass of big ships and goes down.

To the victor goes the spoils the 3 bounty hunters survive to hunt down their next target.
I think I relied to much on my shuttles being big gun platforms while it worked for the first few turns once it got messy they couldn't survive. Oh well you live and learn or die in this case. Ill be going to the Cerberus games event they are running on Sunday the 20th. It will be 100pts looking at Imperial but nothing set yet. Typical war gamer always changing my list. lol


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  2. Was a fun game, I think we all learned a thing or two about what works in a team game.