Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fracas 2015 Report Part 2

After a quick lunch break we where back into it and having a win loss and a draw i was looking to have a strong finish.

Game 4
Player - Mark Stanton
Army - Same army as me
Mission - Free for all

Game 4 was vs my good friend Mark Stanton we was running an almost identical army to me. Event the paint job on the tigers was the same. The only difference was that instead of the 2 panzer 4's he had a platoon of Panzer crews. Who i'm guessing forgot to bring their tanks. And as usual any game with Mark would be a fun affair.

Mark's forces to the left mine to the right.

Mark moves up the middle I start a pincer movement to catch his troops. While my panzer 4's get stuck on some walls.

Mark's tigers take the panzer 4 bait and I move my KT in for some side shots.

Mean while my volkssturm catch and pass the stuck panzer's. Its just one of those days

With 1 KT dead my 2nd volkssturm platoon moves up hoping to catch the one that is bailed. While my other KT is stalking in the rear of his army.

Marks volkssturm in the middle of the table have my volkssturm either side and a tiger ready to close in on them. Mark's panzer crew manage to deal to my CO though.

The noose tightens on his last few men in the center of the table

My remaining KT moved forward to gun down the Panzer crew that where left. forcing a platoon morale test which failed causing Mark's company to break.
This was the first game my Panzer 4's had survived being stuck on those walls kept them out of trouble I guess. i wouldn't of expected the amount of movement that we had in this game given the amount of reluctant and conscript troops but some times it works. And work for me it did the game falling in favor of me 5-2 good game Mark.

Game 5
Player - Kim Styles
Army - Nachttjager Germany Kampfgruppe Wallenberg
Mission - Hasty Attack

In the final game of the day I played Kim Styles he was running a list from Nachttjager which had some StuG's, Panthers and panzer grenadiers.

As before I would be defending with just my Panzer 4's off table.

Kim moved everything toward me at the double so I moved my CO up the flank towards the one objective I placed.
This caused Kim to move back very quickly to cover the objective.

This left my other KT to deal to Kim's CO and hes reserve StuG's that where inbound.

I forgot to take a photo of the assault that happened but Kim's Panzer Gren platoon and CO all assaulted the volkssturm only for them to hold strong and not only fend them off but kill them.

This left my Panzer 4's to and Tiger to deal to the Panthers and 2 StuG's left. My KT knocked out the StuGs causing Kim's company to break handing me the win 5-2.
Well after a good days gaming coming away with 3 wins a draw and a loss I felt quite happy with the way I played and how my games went. I finished with a total of 19 out of a possible 30pts. Well done to all the place getter's and everyone for a good event will be back for next years event.

Here's the final results

Andrew Karl - 26pts
Brian Trott - 25pts(4 x 6:1 wins)
Bob Pearce - 25pts(3 x 6:1 wins)
Rob Shirley - 21pts
Warren Hart - 21pts
David Hobbs - 20pts
John Fletcher - 19pts
Stuart Mosen - 19pts
Mark Anderson - 18pts
Carl Muskee - 17pts
Mark Stanton - 16pts
Kim Styles - 16pts
Derek Forrester - 15pts
Savvas Regus - 15pts
Julian Harkness - 15pts
Andrew Stanton - 15pts
Julian Emmett - 15pts
Peter Thompson - 13pts
Alastair Mundell - 10pts


  1. Good reports John, and congrats on another strong result. Fracas is quite a happy hunting ground for you!

    1. Thanks Paul I enjoy the smaller points games like these. You missed out on a great days gaming good luck for this weekend at CTA

  2. Great write up there John, was another great game against you, once those reluctant Tigers of mine got bailed that wass them finished , your Panzer IVs did well to survive ..

    1. Thanks Mark those Panzer's only survive because they where stuck all the time and I couldn't get them killed I guess lol.