Wednesday, 16 September 2015

X-wing road to the Regionals

This coming Sunday Cerberus games is holding another X-wing event in preparation for the
X-wing nationals event in Auckland but it is not restricted to the people who are going to that. So I have decided to enter the fray with an Imperial list this time around. I don't play much with Imperial as i'm a Rebel player mainly so i'm forcing myself to use new stuff and factions.

So here is what i'm using. I like the sound of both Krassis and Captain Jonus abilities so using those 2 in tandem will give the fire-spray 3 re-rolls each turn with its cannon. Then 2 tie fighters to keep any other nimble fighters honest.

My squadron ready for action
Hope to play some new people this weekend but playing some old foes isnt always that bad either. will have a write up on the days action to follow.