Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Nicon Saga AAR Day 1

With only having played 3 games of Saga prior to Nicon the 7 games I was to play would quadruple my experience in the game. I would be happy with one win out off the weekend. There was to be 8 Players for the event but with 2 having to drop out It would only be 6 people so we played each other once and had a 3 player feast of crows at the end of each day. So into Battle I went with my Vikings.

Game - 1
My first game would be vs Wayne Turner the mission would be Clash of warlords He was also using Vikings
The 2 War bands ready for combat

My Hirdmen and Beserkers are close by to protect my warlord

My Hirdmen and a group of warriors clash and wipe each other out after my warriors were pushed back from their assault.

The other flank our warriors readied them selves for the incoming melee.

My 6 warriors and my warlord charged Wayne's warlord and struck him down. our game was over in about 3 turn. And with Wayne's warlord dead the win went to me I was off to a good start.

Game - 2
My second game was vs Mark Stanton 2 of my 3 games prior to Nicon were vs Mark so we both knew what each other were using and how we where going to play them. Mark was using the Anglo-Danish and the Mission was called the Challenge. This Mission wouldn't suit Marks Warlord as he was using a Religious adviser who wasn't very good in combat.
The Warlords faced off in the center of the table and after the first combat Mark was down 4 wounds to 1 i think it was.

Mark's warlord quickly retreated back into the hut with some of his warriors. I stood out side taunting him lol

Mark's abilities to fatigue me was starting to build up on me. So I moved as many troops around my warlord as possible to protect him.

My Beserkers charged Mark's warriors and as expected they wiped each other out.

I moved in for another go at killing the Religious adviser only to be pushed back again but not before causing more wounds.

Mark had troops around me now looking to even the score but before he could the round time was up. With me scoring 9 wounds on Mark and Mark only scoring 1 wound on me. The win went to me even though I didn't get 10 wounds ahead. A good hard game though as I lost most of my war band in this battle so not to many Saga dice left to roll.

Game - 3
Game 3 was vs Alan ''Sorry I didn't get your last name'' and we would be playing Battle of the Ford This was a mission I had played so i know what to expect Alan was playing Norse Gaels a Viking sub faction. Who are all about challenging the opponent to take a penalty of some sort or if you fight it and win you stop it but if you lose the challenge it hurts.
I got the first turn and it was a mad dash across the river to force my way through.

I killed one squad of warriors and some levies for the cost of my berserkers and some warriors

With the warriors that where across the river being exhausted they soon feel but took some warriors with them.

The other end off the river was just a lot of failed assaults but i soon got through although Alan had troops moving to help.

Alan Charged his warlord across the river and killed mine but my warriors took exception to this and killed him then charged over the river.

After one final assault both side where exhausted and the game was over. And with me getting more across the river then Alan the win went to me. I couldn't believe my luck just going all out attack and so far not sacrificing any attack dice for defense dice was paying off.

Game - 4
Game 4 was called feast of crows which is a multi-player game for my then 2 players was drew random names from a hat to see what 3 people would be on each table. I would be facing Alan with his Norse Gaels and Mark with his Anglo-Danish. The objective was to get the most kill points.
We setup in a triangular fashion to be as even apart as possible.

As I split my forces I started to get picked off not a good start.

Alan's spearmen in the building where attacking my men in the open and no matter what i did I couldn't stop them.

Marks forces slowly wore me down also and I was soon eliminated from the game.
Mark was to go on to win this game with 25 kill points while Alan and myself where on 16 kill points.
So a great first day well above my expectations now after a good days gaming we where after some much needed rest as Mark, Andrew and my self had been up since 12am to travel up to Thames. Day 2 to follow in the next post.


  1. Good reporting there John, that challenge mission was never going to be any good for me with a Spiritual Advisor Warlord - I think I was lucky to be able to retreat to the hut, otherwise it would of been over rather too quickly

    1. Yea he is only really any good as support for your troops. Still a good game with you as always. look forward to our next encounter.

  2. Great first day John. Who needs all the fancy stuff, just get all Viking on it and charge full steam ahead!

    1. Yea well i think that is my downfall with FOW sometimes as i forget some things or there are to many things to get done in the right order for something to be successful in FOW. Where as saga is so simple but yet tactical as well.