Thursday, 25 June 2015

Latest addition to my German war machine

So here is my latest toy to add to my arsenal the 15cm Nebelwerfer 41. After I had finished my 3 Jagdpanthers I got to work on these right away as warren and my self will be using these for our panzerschreck army. These seemed like a good option for the points that you pay for them compared to the standard artillery the 10.5cm guns.
Their stats are
Type - Light gun
Range - 64''/160cm
ROF - Nil
Anti tank - 3
Fire power - 4+

Gun to the left

Gun in the middle

Gun to the right

Modeled the fences on each of them to all line up and look as if they are all in the same field.

Next post ill look at showing off my panzerschreck army as the lists will be in then and I will of stopped changing it by then.


  1. Very smart! I like the fence, nice touch :-)

    1. Thanks Paul all it is is some tooth pick cut up and hot glued to the base before i put the filler on and then just some cotton with a dot of super glue to hold it in place.

  2. Looking good mate, like the fencing
    Fuse wire is also good to use for the wire fencing

    1. Thanks Marks yea I thought of that but as i had the cotton already from the wife's sowing kit I just used that. Its cheaper.

  3. Hey looking really good mate. Looking forward seeing u at pshrek