Saturday, 13 June 2015

Zoo expansion "Big cats"

I have 3 new cats to add to my arsenal about 2 years ago I bought a box of 3 Jagdpanthers and never got around to painting them but now I have. Ive always liked the Jagdpanther its a very sleek and cool looking armored fighting vehicle. It almost looks like it was designed with aerodynamics in mind.
My 3 Jagdpanthers just need to do their decals

My 7 Panthers I still actually have 1 more to make. I got them cheap what can I say.

My 3 king tigers I have one other KT but it is undergoing work at the moment.

Although they are not big cats they still have the cat name my Puma's

I want to Run one day an army at a tournament with nothing but cats of all types but with all the early and mid action at the moment I don't see it happening for a while and when there is Late war its seems to be at quite low points compared to what other countries run.


  1. Nice looking collection of firey felines John! The Jagdpanther is a pretty bad-ass looking vehicle.

    1. Yea they have to be the best looking AFV of WW2