Thursday, 28 May 2015

Nicon 2015 Saga

Well this weekend Mark, Andrew and Myself will be heading to Thames to play at Nicon the North island war gaming convention. We will be playing Saga 8 games over two days 6 games will be 6pts and 2 games will be 4pts. Just thought I would do a quick post of what I would be using.
The Army

2pts of Warriors
2 more pts of Warriors

1pt of Hirdmen (Viking body guard)

1pt of Viking Beserkers (Psycho assault guys)

My warlord and his trusty hound

Horse and cart aka Baggage used for one of the missions. Still have to flock and snow base it.

My second piece of baggage. A Viking burial cart.


  1. Looking good John. Vikings are always a solid option! Good luck for the weekend :-)

  2. Looks great John, like the sheild patterns , Baggage pieces looks good too - maybe I should of brought some as well - instead of trying to make my own