Thursday, 16 July 2015

Panzershrek 2015 Armies on Parade.

Here is most of the forces In action from the weekend. while I didn't get all the armies I managed to get a list of the nations together and there were quite a few soviet armies around for the weekend which you don't normally see.

German - 10 teams
Soviet - 6 teams
U.S - 1 team
British - 2 teams
Minor Axis - 1 team

Tony Bates Jagdtigers.

Russel Briant's Germans

Ken Camel's Germans

Damien Reid's Tigers

Paul Waeehter's Soviet masses

Chris Otton's British forces

Simon McBeth's Kiwi infantry

Scott Bowman and Bryan Thomson's Germans

Gavin Van Rossum and Daniel Linder's Germans

Andrew Shepard's soviet mass of guns and tanks

Joe Kelly and Cameron Wansborough's Americans

Nick Garden and Tim Ward's British tank division.

Mike and Andrew Haught's Horde with lots of IS-2's

Victor Pesch and Wayne Turner's Soviets.

Andrew Stanton's German train set

Marks Stanton's Germans with2 Sturm tigers

Andre Jacobs Soviets.

Mike Haycock's soviet army

Sophia Chambers and Simon Smith's Soviets.

Alex McEwen and Scott Avery army. Fins I think.
My next event will be Fracas and being a late war 750pts tank feast who knows what to take but you will see me there wouldn't mind using my Purshing's but i know they will come up agents Tiger 2 tanks and the like so dont know if that is a good idea.

See you around.

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