Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Panzerschreck 2015 Day 1 report

Up Bright and early on Saturday morning Warren and myself arrived in Palmerston North for the annual Panzerschreck event that the Manawatu Duelists Society hold each July. With a full field of 20 teams it was set to be once again a great event and one of the biggest FOW events in New Zealand.

Game 1 Breakthrough
Team - Patton Down the hatches
- Cameron Wansbo (U.S Tank Company 7th armored)
- Joe Kelly (U.S Parachute company)

With our opponents only having half there force on table we decided to force our way through on one flank under the cover of darkness

The StuH42's and pioneer flamethrowers start clearing the enemy trenches for the push onto the objective

The Jagdpanthers on the other flank keep the Sherman's busy and in the process light up and easy 8

Our infantry had pushed through on the right flank by turn 3 but with some parts of the game taking too long we timed out meaning a 6-1 win to Joe and Cameron. Even though we have killed most of both parachute platoons them being fearless kept them on table denying us a point.

Game 2 Dust up
Team - Leanto
- Alex McEwen (Compagnia Paracadutisti)
- Scott Avery (Jaakari Komppania)

On what was a fairly open table we won the dice off and got to choose the table quarter we would deploy in. So we choose the one with the town as it had the most cover. We started with the 2 Jagdpanthers. 3 platoons of infantry on and our Nebs. while out opponents started with just infantry on.

Turn one we advanced up on the closet objective but stayed close to the woods to help ward off the stuka raids they would attempt. While Alex and Scott tried a flanking maneuver where they would hopefully meet up with their reserves to press on their attack.

My Volksturm assaulted killing five stands of men for the loss of 3 stands. This move would end up pulling one of the flanking enemy platoons moving at the double back to help cover the objective.

A counter assault on my Volksturm killed one more stand of my men forcing a morale check on my reluctant men. And as I held the objective still at the end their turn they where relying on me to failing it because their team that was trying to contest it had moved at the double.

The enemy drew closer to our rear guard but luckily my men on the objective we where holding passed their morale test and won us the game. While there wasn't really many causalities we pulled off a 6-1 win with out our night attack which our force is based around so we felt quite good about giving us some confidence going ahead to the following games.

Game 3 Fighting withdrawl
Team - Berlin or Bust
- Victor Pesch (Hero Tankovy Brigada Red Army)
- Wayne Turner (Hero Strelkovy Polk Red Army)  
The setup for our forces was simple mass attack on one objective and with our spearhead move and having the first turn we where almost on top of the soviets at the end of turn 1. Although my 3 man recon platoon was quick to die.

We managed to see far enough into the darkness with our artillery spotter to lay smoke onto his T-34/85 platoon. as we readied for a full on assault with flame throwers and the mass of German infantry that had made it unscathed.

The Jagdpanthers are ready to pounce when the 2 IS2 heavy tanks come out of ambush. Or hit any other tanks in their way.

The IS-2 tanks ambush the Stuh42's killing one but my Jagdpanthers are quick to retaliate and kill one.

Warren's pioneers move in flame and then kill the other. At the same time my pioneers move in and kill most of the supporting infantry.

The T-34/85s managed to kill our 2 last StuH42s this handed Victor and Wayne their second point. My Jagdpanthers move in to retaliate but miss the mark.

With our assault going so well we where able to secure the objective by the end of turn 3 and sealing a 4-3 win. Although we had taken more losses in this game then the last 2 combined so it was hard fought.

Well after a good first day and dinner put on by the good people running the event we looked forward to a relaxing evening playing some board games and general banter with some good friends. Looking to Build on our solid day for a good finish.


  1. Some good results there John. If you'd been allowed to have a decent crack at that first game you probably would have been three wins from three!

    1. Yea would of been good because at the point that the game ended we had broken through their lines and only lost a few stands of men so we were looking good.