Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Panzerschreck 2015 Day 2 Report

After a good nights board gaming and good nights sleep Warren and I were set to go for the final days push to grab a good position on the table after our good first day. Before the first game of the day kicked off everyone had their armies out to show them off for everyone to vote on the best painted army. That will follow in the next post to many to put in with this one.

Game 4 Free for all
Team - Fist full of special rules.
- Russel Briant (Panzer Ausbildungs Verband)
- Tony Bates (Schwere panzerjagerkompanie)

I forgot to take one of deployment but on this flank all our spearheading infantry would attack in one massive blob. While we kept the Jagdtiger under smoke to keep the StuH42's safe so they could cover the infantry's advance.

The other flank we would just defend with the Jagdpanthers and a couple of platoons of infantry. I forgot how ever that the Jagdtigher has a breakthrough gun and with otto carius negating any sort of cover men started falling quite quickly. and my Jagdpanthers where powerless to stop it for now.

As we got closer to the coming assault we started taking a few casualties and some of my reluctant men were starting to not un-pin.

As Russel's Panzer's and infantry moved up i was losing more men each turn and powerless to stop it. All was could hope for is that we could hold on long enough for our men on the other flank to win it before it was too late.

With my men gone Warren has to move in to hold the objective from the advancing forces.

With everything we tried on this flank wearing us down it wasn't looking good. Victory was so close but yet so far.

My Jagdpanthers move up to help with the panzer's I get 2 in the end. While Warren flames a fem men.

This flank's attack had stalled and Russel killing my 2 Jagdpanthers that forces a company morale check which i failed. We threw everything at this game and come up short. Handing Russel and Tony a 6-1 win.

Game 5 Surrounded
Team - Minuteski Komrade
- Simon Smith (Sredniy Samokhodno-Artillyeriyskiy Polk)
- Sophia Chambers (Hero Motostrelkovy Batalon)

Again I forgot to take some photo's for this game so. But as we were attacking we used our night rule to advance under darkness. We pull everything of our force at one end of the table but the 3 man recon platoon which we to the other end of the table. after 3 turns we managed to kill the T-34 platoon and about half of the big strelkovy platoon.

My recon started to harass the heavy mortars and the rocket mortar trucks. So Sophia sent a squad of spetsnaz after them.

With the SU-100 having no Mg for defensive fire Warren saw an opportunity to assault and kill these tank killers. His assault would bail most of them out but he would be forced back and they would survive.

The Spetsnaz close in to kill my recon platoon before I had the chance to get the rocket mortar trucks losing this platoon sent my company morale over the edge as I had lost my CO already. So a good defense by Sophia and Simon earning them a 5-2 win for the final game.

Well with 2 losses it wasn't the end to the weekend we where looking for but we enjoyed ourselves and weren't to unhappy with our armies performance. And with slight tweak I think it could be made better.

And to the results. we were a little suppried at where we came but all in all we had a good weekend. It is going to be early war doubles next year which will be fun. You know Russia and Germany where allies for a while aye now there's an army idea.

1st Andrew & Mike Haught
2nd Russel Briant & Tony Bates
3rd Nick Garden & Tim Ward
4th Andrew & Mark Stanton
5th Bryan Thompson & Scott Bowman (Best Generals)
6th Victor Pesch & Wayne Turner (Victor won best painted army)
7th Andrew Shepherd & Damien Tyson
8th Cameron Wansborough & Joe Kelly
9th Chris Otton & Simon McBeth
10th Simon Smith & Sophia Chambers
11th Dan Linder & Gavin Van Rossum
12th Brett & Rhys Mudgeway
13th Damien Reid & Ken Camel
14th Andre Jacobs & Mike Haycock
15th Derek Forrester & Mike Clements
16th Chris Townley & Phil Yates
17th Paul Waechter & Ste Haran
18th Bob Pearce & Greg Lockton
19th John Fletcher & Warren Hart
20th Alex McEwan & Scott Avery


  1. Tough second day John, not unlike mine! I was surprised to see you guys (and us) so far down the table too. I wouldn't mind seeing what the sports and painting scores were, I bet there were a lot of teams on the same VPs. Good write ups though, The Sauerkrauts are a regular fixture of Panzerschreck, wouldn't be the same without you and Warren :-)

    1. Yea its one event me and Warren go to religiously every year Early war doubles next year will be fun. Hope to see you at Fracas in a few weeks time.

  2. Good write up and some tough games there mate, especially the second day. I too was surprised to see you down the table. Early war next year should be fun. Silly Forts and Trains anyone? maybe not