Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Panzerschreck 2018 Bolt Action

After missing Panzerschreck last year due to Flames of war moving onto V4 rules which I haven't liked, Panzerschreck this year had Bolt action on offer. It was 1000pts single reinforced platoon armies I finally had a chance to use my Soviets for the first time but more importantly my T-35.

Just 5 days out from the event the organizer and his 2ic helping him pulled out dew to personal reasons and the event was to be scrubbed. Not having ever ran an event I decided to take on the running of the event. With two people now pulled out that left just 6 of us so this seemed like a good chance to see how running a tournament was. As the person running Flames of war side of the event had already organized the hall and other bits all I had to do was sort prizes for our small comp.

Some laser cut trophies had already been done for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted and best sport. I would like to thank Scott Bowman who runs the Paraparaumu Beach pharmacy. He was kind enough to give some prize support for our little comp. So I gave him the honor of choosing the best painted army. I Also want to thank my brother Shane for the use of his 3D printer so I could make some bolt action blast templates with Panzerschreck 2018 on them.

As there was only 6 of us we played 5 games. Each player played each other once there was 3 games on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.

Game 1 - No mans land.
Game 2 - Key positions.
Game 3 - Meeting engagement.
Game 4 - Sectors.
Game 5 - Demolition.

There was a good mix of armies being used

Myself - Early war soviets - ( Hordes of SMG infantry and a T-35 )
Craig - US Airborne - ( With no armor but lots of AT )
Mark - Early war Finns - ( Sissi ski troops, Vickers 6 ton and BA10 )
Warren - Late war US - ( M26 Pershing and vet Paratroopers  )
Ken - Japanese - ( Lots of infantry)
Andrew - Winter Germans - ( Nasty nebelwerfer and Panther )

Games in progress.
Warren and Craig fighting over the V2 facility.
Warren and Andrews heavy armor clash.
Mark and Ken thinking over their next moves.
Warrens forces adopt a defensive posture.
My 45mm At gun is in a bit of trouble.
Hello say hello to my mass machine gun fire.
The Japanese ready to launch their banzai attack.
Try as he might the Bazookas eventually got the panther.
Airborne troops fight in the rail yard.
The Finns massed armor. ( If you can call it that ).
3inch At gun in over watch.
M26 Pershing looking for trouble.
The two horde armies face off Japs and Russians.
Finnish Artillery controlling the open ground.
Snipers take the high ground.
Fire again !!!
Recon in force.

Everyone had a great weekend even though it was a small field of players. Everyone said they would be keen for next year and with a bit more time I should be able to get more people entered.

1st - Andrew
2nd - Mark
3rd - Warren
Best painted - Andrew
Best Sport - Ken

I look forward to running another event it was a fun and different experience and very satisfying to of pulled it together in short time. 


  1. A big thanks for jumping in and taking over the role of organising the comp there John , especially given you had such short notice, and going the extra mile with the prize support and making of the templates and tank burn markers etc ... a great weekend and looking forward to next time, cheers.

    1. Thanks Mark no problem I really enjoyed running it.

  2. As for Andrews nasty Nebelwerfers, he will be repaid next time I feel ... haha

    1. I look forward to seeing that or doing it myself.