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Panzerschreck 2018 Bolt action July 14th -15th

Bolt action at Panzerschreck 14th and 15th of July in Palmerston North 1000pts single reinforced platoon from any of the current books $25 pay on the day. 5 games 3 on Saturday 2 on Sunday.

Players pack

PANZERSHREK 2018 - Bolt Action
Palmerston North
14-15 July 2018

Map to Riverdale School
Go to:
The event will consist of five rounds, with a time limit of 2 and a half hours per game. The event is a single platoon of 1000pts.

Tournament Organiser:
John Fletcher   marine_nz@hotmail.com (Registration, Key Organiser, Army Lists, Queries)

Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North
Entry Fee:    $25.00per person. pay on the day

Venue Details:  
Food and soft drink available for purchase
Free tea and coffee
School grounds are non-smoking and will be enforced
School grounds are alcohol free and will be enforced
Ensure all rubbish is disposed of correctly

Army Lists:  
Lists are due July 12th. Players in competition are able to use any lists
Available on Easyarmy.com. Check the latest FAQ when list writing.

1000pts is the standard limit. Armoured platoons are allowed (remembering armoured cannot hold objectives). Multiple companies are not allowed.

Table Size and Terrain
Games will be played on a 6x4 board.
If anyone has and is willing to supply a table of terrain, please inform me prior to the event.

Game scoring
Win 3pts
Draw 1pt
Loss 0pts
Mission Victory points from each game will be kept to work out possiable tie breakers

Competition Format
Each round consist of a time limit of 2.5hrs. This time is inclusive of terrain type determination, and any game relating scenario details (placing of objectives etc).
A 15min warning to end of game will be given to all players.
At the end of the 2.5hr period, dice are down. If the game is incomplete, both players will receive a draw.

Saturday 14th                                                           Time
Hall Open                                                                   0830
Pre-Event Briefing                                                     0845
Round 1        No Man’s Land (pg134)                     0900-1130                                                       
Round 2        Key Positions (pg136)                        1145-1415
Lunch break
Round 3        Meeting Engagement (pg135)         1515-1745

Sunday 15th
Round 4         Sectors (pg148)                                  0900-1130
Lunch Break
Round 5         Demolition (pg139)                           1200-1430
Clean up and Prize giving                                         1445

Please note, all players are expected to participate in clean up duties for the Bolt Action section of Panzershrek.

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