Monday, 1 August 2016

Panzerschreck 2016 Report Part 1

Its a few weeks late but here it is my take on the annual weekend in Palmerston North that is Panzerschreck. There would be 5 games all at 2000pts aside on an 8''x4'' table. Warren and myself were running a German/Soviet team this year so should be fun.

Game 1 
Mission - Free for all
Team - Slater and Waldorf
Players - Steve Hill and Mike Clement
Armies - Finish Tanks and Infantry.

Our Left flank My infantry and all our Panzer 2's

Our right flank with my second lot of infantry my T-28's and Panzer 1's

So far so good a couple of stands of Steve's pioneers fall.

Oh dear Mike's T-26's and Steve's artillery make quite the impact on my tanks.
Warren's flank is slow going. This would be the high water mark of his push.

A massed Panzer 1 push assaulting Steve's pioneer's kill all but a few of them.

The last action of the game my infantry make a final push and finishing off the pioneers.

The Finns proved hard lot to move from their trenches but we managed a point for the first game. So the game went to Steve and Mike 5-2.

Game 2
Mission - Hasty attack
Team - Spaghetti and Bratwurst
Players - Wayne Turner and Victor Pesch
Armies - German tanks and Italian tanks.

The two company command tanks and 2 105mm AA trucks where all that where on this objective so that's where our push would be.

As we were the attackers we go to roll for reserves first and in the first two turns we got 2 on.

After Warren had dispatched the AA trucks and the Italian Command all that stood in our way was the German command and 2 other panzer 3's. They would prove hard to kill.

My T-28's lend fire support to Warren to try and help dispatch of the Panzer 3's. And my infantry draw ever closer.

My 45mm At guns keep the Italian tanks from linking up with their German counterparts. All because of the scattered deployment.

My infantry finish off the the Panzer 3 platoon after shooting a few of my own men of course.

My second infantry platoon moves to cut off any reserves that try to link up with their C.O who was holding the objective.

In the end I couldn't kill the German C.O so couldn't get the objective.
The game ended in a 4-3 win to Victor and Wayne. It was a game that could of gone anyway just about every turn. The lack of high end AT was staring to become apparent which was to be a problem in a later game with french heavies.

Game 3
Mission - Fighting Withdrawal
Team - Old Dogs
Players - Peter Thompson and John
Armies - 2x German Recce  

As we where attacking we put our entire force on one flank and went for it. My T-28's would cover our flank from a pincer movement.

The German Recce forces were spread thin.

Turn two we had our entire force nearing the objective with a unit killed already.

Peter's motorcycle recon move as fast as it can to help their forces.

With most of this side clear Warren mopped up the last of the infantry on the objective.

My blocking maneuver held back the other half of their forces.

Warren had claimed the objective by the time my infantry even got close.
I felt it was always going to be a hard ask for their recce force to fend off this massed attack. But they tried very well to hold us back. The game was ours 6-1.

With a good days gaming behind us we looked forward to day 2.


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