Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Panzerschreck 2016

Its been a while since my last post but it has come time again for my annual trip to Palmerston North on the 16th and 17th of July with my good mate Warren. This will be our 4th year teamed up and for the first time we wont be a full German force. As it is a 2000pts early war doubles event this year the rules allowed for us to go a German / Russian combo. As you will know Germany invaded Russia in WW2 but before that the 2 military powers invaded Poland just days apart from each other. They had the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact or non-aggression Pact as most people call it keeping the peace between the to sides. A loose alliance if you will.

German and Soviet troops shaking hands following the invasion of Poland in September 1939.

Warren's and myself are running an army from this time of the war. Warren a full on tank force and my self an infantry army. Our team name we had a bit of fun with we wouldn't be the Sauerkrauts this year we would be under the name of. Hitler and Stalin Tour de Poland. A precursor to the Tour de France.

Warrens force would be a mass of panzer 1's and 2's. That are auto attack and all can spearhead.

German Verlastete Panzer Tank Company from Blitzkrieg book

Verlastete Panzer Company HQ - CinC Panzerbefehlswagen, 2iC Panzer II D or E (85 pts)

Compulsory Verlastete Panzer I Platoon - 6 x Panzer I (220 pts)
Compulsory Verlastete Panzer II Platoon - 5 x Panzer II D or E (275 pts)

Verlastete Panzer I Platoon - 4 x Panzer I (150 pts)
Verlastete Panzer II Platoon - 5 x Panzer II D or E (275 pts)

1005 Points, 4 Platoons

My Force is a mass of soviet infantry with wave attack and some tanks.

Soviet Strelkovy Infantry Company from Rising Sun book

Compulsory Strelkovy Batalion HQ - CinC Battalion Komissar, 2iC Rifle (20 pts)

Compulsory Strelkovy Company - Command Komissar, 20x Rifle (215 pts)
Compulsory Strelkovy Company - Command Komissar, 20x Rifle (215 pts)

Strelkovy Anti-tank Company - Command Komissar, 4x 45mm obr 1937 gun (140 pts)

Flame-thrower Platoon - 1 x Flame-thrower (35 pts) (must combat attach)

Heavy Tankovy Company - 6 x T-28 obr 1933 (370 pts)

995 Points, 4 Platoons

My side of the combined force

My Newest addition to my Soviets my T-28's

My stand in flame thrower team and AT guns.

Dont have any pics of Warren's side of the force but will do a write up of the event in due course.
Hopefully the non-aggression Pact holds for the duration of the event and our forces don't turn on each other half way through.


  1. T-28's looking good John, Im thinking we might play each other in the first round with Andy and myself taking a Polish list. Well that's if they do historical match ups, playing the surrounded mission would be very accurate.

    1. Well if we dont play each other maybe next time we have a game we could do that with these forces with that mission. Could be interesting us both attacking you guys entrenched in a city in the center of the table while we try to dig you out.

    2. That could work , beef it up to 1250 points each to make it more interesting perhaps.

      also, I thought you had 6x 45mm guns ? you changed to 4 guns now , or is that a typo mistake

    3. Oh opps it should be four guns no a typo just pulled to many out. Thanks Mark

  2. Liking what you did with the T 28s mate :)

    1. Thanks Tom. Now to find some more for the Iron Cross comp.