Monday, 21 April 2014

Natcon done and dusted for 2014

Well thats Natcon over for another year thanks to the Christchurch Cavaliers for hosting a great event the 2015 Natcon will be hosted by the Auckland city Guard offering Early, Mid and Late war next year. Not sure as of yet where i finshed this year as the person with the most wins would win not on Points your victory points where used for ties. Well done to Russell Briant who won the late war comp with Rob Sadler 2nd, Ben Broad 3rd, Robert St.Denis won best table Nick Garden won Best painted army. For the mid war comp Stephen Falconer was 1st, Peter Black was 2nd, Noel Black was 3rd. I had 3 wins and 5 Loses 3 of those loses where quite heavy 2 where very close. I will write up a quick Battle report on each game with pics of the tables in a few days.

LW 16 players
1st Russell Briant - US Inf
2nd Rob Sadler - British Tanks
3rd Ben Broad  - Soviet Inf
4th Keith Hewitt - US Tanks
5th Dave Evans - German Tanks
6th Warren Hart - German Inf
7th Nick Garden - NZ Recce
8th Josh Graves -
9th Estella Jones - US Inf
10th Isaac Henderson - S.A Tanks
11th John Fletcher - Soviet Tanks
12th Alan Stedman - German Recce
13th Robert St Denis - Canadian Paras
14th Seth James - German Inf
15th Rodney Emms - Hungarian Tanks
16th Matisse Dempster -

MW 8 players
1st Stephen Falconer -
2nd Peter Black - Soviet Tanks
3rd Noel Black - German Inf
4th Jamie Mcdonald - Finish Inf
One hall that had 40k, Fantasy and Dystopian wars.

The other hall Had FOW mid and late war, FOG, Hordes/Warmachine and Ancients. (Pic1)


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  1. Not a bad result there John, Natcon's always going to be a tough competition. Looks like a nice venue. Cheers, Paul.