Monday, 21 April 2014

Natcon 2014 Christchurch Flames of war

Natcon Christchurch 2014 Armies Mid and Late war

These are the armies i managed to get photos of sorry if I missed yours
and one of which i didn't know who it was. Latewar armies where 1550pts
Midwar armies where 1450pts
My Soviet Heavy Assault gun Company (LW) 11th Place

Dave Evens StuG Battery (LW) 5th Place

Robert St-Denis Canadian Paras with Naval support (LW) 13th Place

Alan Stedman's Panzerspah Company (LW) 12th Place

Ben Broad's Hero Motostrelkovy Company (LW) 3rd Place.

Seth Jame's Volksgrenadier Company (LW) 14th Place

Peter Black's Soviet Tankovy (MW) 2nd Place

Russell Briant's US Boat Company with naval support (LW) 1st Place.

Nick Garden's Kiwi Divisional Recon (LW) Best Painted. 7th Place

Noel Black's German Infantry Company (MW) 3rd Place

Stephen Falconer's Italian Tank Company (MW) 1st Place

Andrew Dempster's Italian Tank Company (MW)

Rob Shirley's German Infantry Division (MW)

Jamie McDonald's Finish Infantry (MW) 4th Place

Robert Sadler's British Armoured (LW) 2nd Place

Keith Hewitt's US Armoured Led by Patton (LW) 4th Place

Estella Jones US 2nd Infantry Division (LW) 9th Place

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  1. Cool pics John, a nice range of armies too. Cheers, Paul.