Monday, 28 January 2019

That shrinking feeling.

For most of my war gaming life I have played 15mm and 28mm table top gaming. But now I am venturing into 6mm or 1/300 scale war gaming. At the moment it is for WW2 but may venture into modern area as well at some point. I have also got some 6mm Napoleonic Prussian troops to do that myself and some mates are getting into.

I haven't played any 6mm games yet but when I do it will be using the V3 Flames of War rule set. I have an army planed out as fellow blogger and good friend Warren ''find his blog here'' have a game planed for when we both finish our armies. We are both going to use lists out of the Bridge at Remagen book and being 6mm size terrain and armies we will be using 2500pts lists.

Here is some pics of some of the figures so far.
From left to right the scales are - 6mm (1/300), 15mm (1/100), 28mm (1/56)
6mm - Heroics and Ros.
15mm - Battle Front.
28mm - Warlord games/Italeri and Rubicon.

US infantry

105mm artillery

Willy's Jeeps

M5A1 Stuart's

M20 utility

M3 Halftrack

M4 Sherman's

M26 Pershing's

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