Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Star wars Armada day

On Sunday I had decided to run a Star wars Armada game day. 6 players 2 games each there were 3 Imperial players and 3 Rebel players. So all matches would be Rebels vs Empire. I had decided on 300pts each to keep the games a bit shorter. The standard is 400pts normally which is what ill run next time as i'm also toying with the idea of running a casual event possibly.

As Mark and Andrew were still new to the game and yet to buy into it I supplied them with a fleet each. For the Rebels I had myself, Michael and Andrew and for the Imperials it was Mark, Brent, and Warren. At the end of each game I noted down margin of victory and kept track of the points for each player and a team total for each faction.

Game 1 table 1 - Andrew's MC80, Phoenix home and CR90 vs Brent's 4 Imperial Raiders. A narrow victory to Brent in terms of points killed. 5-5

Game 1 table 2 - My MC75 and yet to hyperspace in MC30 vs Mark's 2 Victory class star destroyers and Gladiator. Mark won 7-3 killing my MC75 and most of my squadrons. I killed his Gladiator.

Game 1 table 3 - Warren's Imperial class star destroyer and Gladiator vs Michael's 2 CR90's Phoenix home and MC30. Warren won 7-3

A good First round for the Imperial team leading 19-11 after round 1. After a quick break we started round 2. I would be playing Brent Warren would be playing Andrew and Mark would be playing Michael.

Game 2 table 1 - Mark and Michael go head on at each other. Mark comes out on top 6-4.

Game 2 table 2 - Brent wanted to try a different list with Thrawn running just an ISD and 11 squadrons of fighters. I got 4 HP off the ISD and killed 4 squadrons. In the end it was too much and my 4 squadrons were no match for his 11. Having just my MC30 left alive I lost 8-2.
Game 2 table 3 - Warren and Andrew faced off with the two flag ships going at it in the end the Imperial class star destroyer was too much. I believe only the CR90 was left for Andrew in the end. Warren won 9-1.

Well with the Imperial players winning all the games the points were just a formality. Well done Warren on the overall points haul to be the top Admiral.

Team Points
Imperial - 42pts
Rebel - 18
Individual Points
Warren - 16pts
Mark - 13pts
Brent - 13pts
Michael - 7pts
Andrew - 6pts
John - 5pts

A lot of fun was had over all the points tally wasn't the aim of the day it was more to just get some games and cement the rules. Three of the players had played less then 3 games so doing one after the other was good practice. And I felt keeping the points was just to see how the points system worked for running an event.

It looks like Ill be making a return to Panzerschreck this year but not to play Flames of war but to play Bolt action instead. I hope to finally give my early war Russians a go with their T-35.
Panzerschreck is on the 14th and 15th of July in Palmerston North. It will be 5 rounds 1000pts 2.5hrs per game single platoon armored platoons accepted.

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