Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Valleycon 2017 Bolt action Day 2

Day two had another two games ahead for me. The first game of day was vs Paul Goldstone and Toby sorry I didn't get you last name. Toby was learning to play the game so Paul was helping him through the rules and regs. They were both running a Luftwaffe field division supported by a Tiger 1 which would be a problem as I would find out. The lack of decent antitank and the tiger fear rule really played a big part in this game.

My .30cal and bazooka over watch the right flank. Only a sniper would provide any opposition here.

My 57mm AT gun fires shot after shot at the Tiger trying to pin it to no avail

As Paul and Toby's forces advance there was nothing I could do but watch my forces melt away.
At the end of that game I had managed to lose 8 order dice to their 1. Plus they got two units into my deployment zone giving them 6 more points. so it was a 14pts to 1pt loss for me. But i did learn a lot in this game.

Game 4 was vs Allister Mundell. I have played Allister a few times before in Flames of war and have always had a good game with him. He was running a Russian horde of infantry with some war dogs and a Katyusha rocket truck and the mission was No mans land.

My AT gun and .30cal MMG kept the main road in the center of the table clear. Al's armored car was quick to recce away.

The Katyusha fired to devastating effect. then we realized that one of Allister's units was too close for the shot to be legal. I got off very lightly there could of been 16 men dead.

My 57mm AT gun finally got the Armored car and late the jeep that followed.

My M3 half track and a squad of men mop up a few small squads of men and take out the Katyusha with some well placed .50cal shots.
The final game of the weekend ended in a win for me 6pts to 2pts I felt I learned a lot over the four games. Snipers are well worth using, I need a better AT option, learn to use the down and ambush option more instead of all out attack all the time. And with that it was time to pack up the hall and gather for the prize giving which all the comps did together Bolt action, Flames of war, Lord of the rings, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, Hordes/War machine, and Infinity. I was awarded Best sport for the Bolt action comp which i was quite happy about but never expected as I always try to be a great opponent in all my games I play. And also got a voucher to spend at Paraparaumu beach Pharmacy which is run by Scott Bowman which has a vast range of war gaming models and supplies.

I look forward to next year witch is the 20th running of the event and something special is planed the Hutt club have said. My next war gaming outing with be the Wellington X-wing Regionals looking at running Imperials at that.


  1. Well done on the best Sports award John. Looked to be a good tournament from what I observed.
    The Tiger sounds horrible tank to face with its fear rule and being impervious to most AT assets ... I think my Finns would struggle with it.

  2. Thanks Mark yea only having an AT rating of +5 vs a heavy tank rating of +10 was a tall order indeed.