Sunday, 26 January 2014

Valleycon 2014 games

  • Game 1 was a nice easy Free for all vs Matt Martin who was using Trained Fallschirmj√§gerkompanie very simular to mine but he had panthers instead of stugs It was a close fought game but ended out being a 5-2 win
  • Game 2 was No retreat vs Ken Camel i was defending against his KG Knaust which was Pz3's and 4's with heavy artillery and infantry support i hung on for another 5-2 win. Although i was starting to see what my army was lacking which as infantry based AT only having 1 Pnzfaust in each squad was hard to defend against tank assaults i was very lucky for the dice to fall my way in 2 assaults.
  • Game 3 was Breakthrough vs Russel Briant He was using a Stug Battery supported by 2cm AA flak battery, Pioneers and a King tiger. Again in this game i was very lucky some dice went my way as his StuH42's didn't do much hitting meaning i still got saves. The terrain was in my favour with lots of buildings helping my defence. i ground out a 4-3 win in this one very close game.
  • Game 4 was Dust up vs Benjamin Lindsay He was also a Stug battery supported by FlaK36 battery 105mm artillery and a small recon platoon. This game is where it all started going downhill for me again the lack of infantry anti tank meant i couldn't force his tanks away from an objective and the game ground down to a 3-2 draw in his favour close game but we timed out in the end.
  • Game 5 was fighting withdrawal vs Cameron Wansbrough using a Tiger 1 company backed up by recon rocket artillery and Air support. I hadn't taken any AA thinking in a 1350pts game no one would take aircraft and i think only 2 people did. With my Pak40's the only thing with even a chance of punching through his thick armour i knew i was up against it i just dug in kept my head down and tried my best to weather the storm in the end it was a heavy 6- l loss all i killed was 1 tiger and 2 recon half tracks game was a good challenge.

I think next time i would of gone with trained FJ troops so i can equip everyone with Pnzfausts and maybe some AA or 105mm artillery although my heavy mortars couldn't smoke in a few games did kill quite a bit. After finishing 1st Equal on day one 7th in the end wasn't too bad considering where i have finished in the last 2 valleycons. Oh well next event for me is Natcon in Christchurch cya there.

The Placings

Name Army Placing
Russell Briant German 1
Benjamin Lindsay German 2
Warren Hart German 3
Cameron Wansbrough German 4
Ken Camel German 5
Damien Tyson German 6
John Fletcher German 7
Tony Bates German 8
Alex Martin German 8
Matt Martin German 10
Che Tibby British 11
Paul Waechter British 12
Andrew Olds German 12

My army game 1

Benjamin Lindsay's army

Russel Briant's army

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