Sunday, 10 November 2013

From the modeling desk

Well just about finish my soviets for flames of war and now they update red bear meaning i now have an extra 225pts to spend so a platoon of 5 T-34s i think will do nicely to help support the ISU assault guns. I like the red bear updates making the soviets more competitive i think although i last played soviets about 7 years ago under V1 rules i wish i never got rid of them lol. I'm glad the katyusha came down in points i really like the models but 350pts+ for the stronger ones just seemed over priced that's probably why I've never seen them used in any events I've been to so far.

My recently finished soviet scouts

Just need to get 4 more T-34s and 1 more ISU-152 and 2 37mm AA guns to go this the rocket artillery and my new 1750pts army will be ready for its first game.

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  1. Looking good mate, like the white wash effects
    Got to like the new revised Red bear points. My SU-76M army has had their points reduced quite significantly, so picked up an extra platoon as well.